The 4 Signs Of Water Retention

If you are a woman you have probably had it at one time or another. It makes you feel bloated and you probably are. This is sometimes what is more commonly referred to as water weight gain or water retention. In many women it can come and go with the menstrual cycles each month and is really nothing to be alarmed about. Then there are other times when it could be a sign of something more serious and this happens with men as well as women.

When a female goes through her regular monthly cycle, water weight gain might show up a week or so prior to beginning her monthly flow. This can be largely due to the fluctuation in hormone levels. While this is going on there could be a rise in estrogen levels which can cause aldosterone. Aldosterone is a hormone that can cause the kidneys to retain water and it can commonly collect in the abdomen and breasts and cause swelling and tenderness. It is not unusual for some women to gain a few pounds during this time of the month.

There are other times when water weight gain is not a normal occurrence. Water retention can also cause swelling in the legs, feet, and fingers along with the breasts and abdomen. Pregnant women often experience swelling in these areas, but when it comes on suddenly and is abnormal swelling, they should see the doctor as soon as possible. The three things that cause water retention are kidneys, sodium, and hormones.

Here are a few signs that you could be retaining water:

1. If your socks leave a ring around your leg it can be caused by water.

2. When you can not remove your rings because your fingers are swollen.

3. When you have a problem getting your pants zipper up and down all of a sudden.

4. When you gain several pounds in just a day or so.

Having a diet that is high in sodium can cause water retention many times because salt will make you drink more fluids. Steroid medications can also cause puffiness because they can cause your kidneys to hold more sodium even if you do not over indulge in salt. Estrogen replacement hormones can cause water retention in post menopausal women. These might be things you should discuss with your doctor if they are uncomfortable or happen frequently.

You should always contact your doctor if your skin stays swelled for a long period of time or if you poke yourself with your finger and it leaves an indentation mark, it could be signaling a problem with some vital organ like the kidneys, thyroid, liver, or your heart. Do not mistake what you think is a simple common problem for something that could be much more serious.

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