Lose Water Weight, Keep It Off And Lose Weight

Learn how to lose water weight, keep it off and be leaner in this article

If you ever have struggled with water retention, you will know that it makes you feel uncomfortable and even fat. But there are ways that you can deal with and eventually lose water weight.

**Here’s how to get rid of excess water weight to feel leaner and more comfortable**

Losing water weight can also help you to lose weight, to fit better in jeans and not to be so bloated anymore. Here’s your complete guide to losing water weight and keeping it off.

1. Limit or avoid foods that causes water retention

It is mainly the foods you consume (except in rare cases some serious disease/illness) that causes water retention. If you are prone to retaining water, you must avoid eating foods that causes water retention. Some of the main foods that cause you to retain water are sugar and salt. Read food labels and stay away from bad foods and you will lose water weight (and even some real weight).

2. Eat foods and drinks that are natural diuretics

A natural diuretic (like some food and teas) is always better than some artificial diuretics. Those foods can help you to lose water that your body may be retaining.

**Here are some foods that you should stock up on to lose water weight naturally:**

* Lettuce – Add them to salads regularly
* Oats – Make it your number one breakfast choice
* Artichokes – Great as a veggie or in salads
* Asparagus – Great when grilled
* Carrots – Good for your eyes as well
* Cucumbers – Add them to your salad
* Brussels Sprouts – Boil or steam them for best results
* Cabbage – Add them to stews, casseroles and salads
* Tomatoes – Yummy on their own or in salads or soup
* Watermelon – A delicious way to shed the water weight

3. Find out the cause

Do you constantly struggle with gaining and then losing water weight? If you do and if you have tried everything else, it might be something more seriously. High blood pressure, kidney and liver conditions, pregnancy or even thyroid problems can be the cause of water retention. It’s better to check your symptoms out with your doctor, to help you lose water weight and to make sure that nothing is wrong.

These tips are all you need to lose the water weight naturallly. But if you implement all these tips and you still struggle with water weight, consult with your doctor.

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